By, Complete Point (MM2H) Sdn. Bhd.

Official License Agent: MM2H 0006
By, Ministry Tourism of Malaysia

Endorsed by, the MM2H Immigration Department
and MM2H Ministry



  • English is widely used so there is no language barrier. Malaysia is a melting pot of people with different cultures and nationalities, living harmoniously together
  • Low density living, with a population of only 28.9 million people of 3 main races, Malay, Chinese and Indian
  • Freedom of religion
  • Affordable country to live in, with reasonable property prices
  • Politically stable with liberal government policies
  • Foreigners can have 100% ownership of their businesses
  • Ever-growing economy, full of promise of many opportunities
  • Good infrastructure with facilities, highways, trains and airports
  • Good medical facilities with affordable prices
  • Malaysia is Asia's education hub, where you can attend many
  • internationally recognized courses at very affordable prices
  • Malaysia is a peaceful country, safe from natural disasters such as, earthquake, tsunami and volcanoes
  • Malaysia is a gateway to the world, allowing easy connectivity and travel with manybudget airlines available. The budget airlines include, AirAsia, JetStar and FireFly.
  • Malaysia ranked 11th for the Global Peace Index for 2010



Upon approval, successful participants will receive a 'Conditional Approval Letter witha validity of 6 months' from Immigration Department of Malaysia. The 3 main categories of applicationare as follows:-

I.Aged Below 50 years old

Business Owners/Employees with proof of a minimum monthly income of MYR 10,000 and a Savings Account with a minimum of MYR 500,000
After approval, you will need to place a MM2H Fixed Deposit of MYR 300,000. In the second year, you can withdraw up to MYR 150,000 for approved expenses and purchases made relating to property, car, education and medical purposes in Malaysia.

However, you must maintain at least MYR 150,000 in the Fixed Deposit throughout your stay under this program,unless you terminate the program.

II.Aged 50 years and above

Business Owners/Employees with proof of a minimum monthly income of MYR 10,000 and a Savings Account with a minimum of MYR 350,000 After approval, you will need to place a MM2H Fixed Deposit of MYR 150,000. In the second year, you can withdraw up to MYR 50,000 for approved expenses and purchases made relating to property, car, education and medical purposes in Malaysia.

However, you must maintain at least MYR100,000 in the Fixed Deposit throughout your stay under this program, unless you terminate the program.


Pensioners/Retirees with proof of a monthly off-shore pension of a minimum of MYR 10,000 from government approved pensions or funds.

III. Property Purchased Category

For those who have already made cash payments for properties (in Malaysia) valued at MYR 1 million of more, conditional approval will be given with a Fixed Deposit requirement of MYR 100,000 (aged above 50) and MYR 150,000 (aged below 50).

Participants of "Malaysia My Second Home Program" are provided with various incentives to make your stay even more comfortable and enjoyable in Malaysia

House Purchase .Car .Education .Maid . Businesses/Work .Bank Facilities .



  • The MM2H pass is renewable after every 10 years, allowing multiple entries to Malaysia. Indefinite extensions are allowed, as long as you do not violate the Malaysian law or perform illegal activities.
  • MM2H approval processing time takes 30 to 45 days only!
  • MM2H holders are not restricted by a minimum stay requirement throughout the 10 years, to eligible for renewal for the next 10 years.
  • Immediate family members can apply together. Even children (below the age of 21) are eligible to apply together.
  • Children under the MM2H pass can study in schools and colleges without needing to apply for a yearly Student Visa.
  • Parents above the age of 60 can also be included in the application.
  • Tax-free car incentive- you can either import or buy car in Malaysia.
  • Maid incentive- you are allowed to bring a maid from your own country.
  • Property incentive – you are allowed to purchase unlimited properties with a minimum price MYR500,000 per unit.
  • Most MM2H holders are able to get housing loan and car loan from Malaysia bankers.
  • MM2H holders above 50 years of age,are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • MM2H holders can participate and 100% own their own business in Malaysia
  • You are allowed to stay anywhere in separate MM2H program needs to be applied for
  • With the MM2H pass,you need not to apply for an enty visa from the Malaysian Embassy/Consulate in your country each time you come Malaysia
  • You are allowed to invest businesses, stock markets and funds.
  • You are allowed to remit your monies freely in and out of the country, with no tax imposed.
  • You are allowed to import your personal belongings to Malaysia-tax free.
  • MM2H is a 100% risk free program where the Fixed Deposits are in your name, placed in any local bank in Malaysia and interest earned can be withdrawn.
  • You can choose to terminate MM2H at any time during the 10 years and take back 100% of your Fixed Deposits placed under the program. Termination only takes 5 working days!

After approval is obtained, you are required to land in Malaysia within 6 months to complete the following final steps:


  • Long in the business since 2001 – We are the pioneer agent of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) migration program for Malaysia.
  • Ranked No.1 in 2009 and 2010 as the Top Recruiter by the MM2H Ministry, Tourism Malaysia and Immigration Department of Malaysia, having handled and processed the most number of approved cases worldwide.
  • To-date, we have experience in handling files of clients of 35 different nationalities. The files are of various types and styles, in terms of clients' profile and documentation. However, we have managed to successfully obtain approvals.
  • We are the only MM2H agent appointed by various bankers, including Kuwait Finance Bank, Al Rajhi Bank Bhd. and Asian Finance Bank as their exclusive mortgage broker.
  • We know the program well and are able to give the latest update on the Program should there be any changes.
  • High successful approval rate of 98% to date. The remaining unapproved 2% is mainly attributed to the client's profile being unable to successfully pass the security verification by our Home Security and/or the client decided not to go ahead with an appeal.
  • We only concentrate and specialize in one service and one business - that is, Malaysia My Second Home program, and no other migration programs.
  • We provide complete and a full range of services, ranging from school placement, property investment to business set-up.
  • We provide a complete and extensive range of visa support services, should you need them.
  • We provide complete business solutions to our clients from incorporation to obtaining various trade licenses as well as work visa for their staff, to facilitate the up and running of their businesses.
  • We have fostered good relationship with bankers, facilitating your approval for financing for your property and car purchase, should you require them at anytime. We are the official appointed mortgage broker for Al Rahij Bank Malaysia.

  • We are a company that is six staff strong (not a one man show business) and are able to render support and services, which you may require during your 10 year visa stay and beyond.
  • Our office is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur City Centre – a location is easily accessible, with no doubt of finding us!
  • We understand that migration is a very personal business, thus we ensure all your need will be met hassle free. Our aim is provide convenient services. We are glad our satisfied clients have contributed to many referrals to-date.
  • We recommend that the best place to verify our competency and services is by contacting PuanSitiNani, the MM2H Director or any of her colleagues at the MM2H Centre (Tel: + 603-88917428/+603-88917432). For more information on the MM2H Ministry, kindly visit
  • If you are in overseas, please feel free to drop by at the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and Malaysia Foreign Ministries around the world, please visit


In the case that any of the following happens to you, we assure you that an extensive array of visa support services is readily available to you:

  • My passport is going to expire
  • My initial visa stamping is only valid for 3 years. It now requires extension.
  • One of my family member's passport is lost/ missing
  • My citizenship has changed
  • My child's student visa is going to expire and it needs to be converted to a MM2H visa
  • As a MM2H main applicant, I want to stamp the visa earlier, while my family members do it at a later date
  • My maid's visa needs renewal
  • My Approval Letter and Entry Visa are lost!
  • I have new child added to my family
  • My parents' 6-month visas need to be renewed regularly
  • I want to terminate the MM2H program and withdraw my fixed deposits
  • I want to extend my approval letter
  • My children and my parents who are in Malaysia, require visa extension


  • • Application and processing of Maid Visa
  • • Application of Inclusion of Parents and New Children to the MM2H Program
  • • MM2H Fixed Deposit Withdrawal After One-Year
  • • Application for Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption (Local Purchase or Import)
  • • Termination of the MM2H Program
  • • School Placement and Assessment Test arrangement
  • • Property Rental arrangement
  • • Property Purchase arrangement
  • • Finance Facility for Property and Car Purchase
  • • Assistance for the Formation and Set Up of a New Company
  • • Business Investment Advisory and VariousLicensing assistance
  • • Application of Expatriate Permit, and all other Immigration passes and visas